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How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube Part 3 ( Top Layer ) October 13, 2012

Hey !!! READ DESCRIPTION !!! I am going to teach you how to solve the top layer. There are some algorithms to learn so make sure you practise solving the Rubik’s Cube again and again. WATCH WITH ANNOTATIONS !!! You can always replay or pause the video if you need more practise. Good Luck !!! Here is the link to Part 1 if you missed it: Here is the link to Part 2 if you missed it: Here is an example solve using my method: Algorithms: 0:45 – To get an upside down L shape. 1:31 – To turn an upside down L shape into a cross. 2:28 – To turn a line into a cross. 3:11 – To turn a cross (with side-mirrors) into a fish. 4:35 – To turn a fat T shape (with headlights) into a fish. 5:15 – To turn a fat T shape (with side-mirrors) into a fish. 6:02 – To turn a diamond shape into a fish. 6:30 – To turn a cross (with no side-mirrors) into a fish. 7:42 – To turn Sune into a yellow side. 7:58 – To turn Anti-Sune into a yellow side. 8:30 – To turn top layer (with no headlights) into a top layer with one pair of headlights. 9:25 – To turn top layer (one pair of headlights) into a final situation. 10:08 – To turn final situation (one side complete with three pairs of headlights) into a solved cube. 11:14 – To turn all headlights (with opposite edges) into a solved cube. 12:16 – To turn all headlights (with upside down L shape edges) into a solved cube) Awesome Channels: Please Comment, Rate and Subscribe !!!

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